Rube Goldberg Sony A7R autofocus with Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1:2 58mm
Pinhole Photo: Leica IIIF, 5cm Summicron collapsible, VIOOH finder. Photographed with my DIY Holgalux-M M-mount pinhole ‘lens’. Contrast is acceptable, image circle is sufficient, but sharpness is obviously diffraction-limited at f/236. Exposure 4/S at 800ASA/ISO
Photo: ‘Holgalux-M’ on an M4.
DIY modification of Holga pinhole lens for Leica M Mount. F=35mm f/236.
But seriously folks, spend your budget on glass, not brass.
Jogging in Shatin
Update on my Canon LTM RF collection
38 cameras, 9 lenses and a bunch of accessories
Col 1 from top: IVSB, IIS, IVS, IVF hybrid, IV, IIC, III, IIB late, IIB early
Col 2 from top: IIS, IID2, IIF2, IIF, IVSB, IVSB2, IID
Col 3 from top: VI-T, VI-L black paint, VL2, VTDM, VTDZ, VTD, L1, L3, L2, VT
Col 4 from top: 7SZ, 7S, 7, 7 (with shoe), P black paint, P, P, P (my first), P
I also have a Canon SII arriving soon. Yes, there’s couple of duplicates. I managed to give a 7 to a friend, but I will probably part-trade the others for cameras to complete the collection. I am still missing a IIA, IIAF, IIIA, 1950 and a VL, plus the pre-war cameras.
From left: Canon Serenar 50/1.9, Canon 50/2.8, Seiki Kogaku Serenar 135/4, Canon 50/1.8, Canon 28/3.5, Canon Serenar 85/1.9, Canon 50/1.4, Canon 50/1.2, Canon 35/1.8, Canon 50/0.95.
Case, lens case, Self-Timer II, cable release, 135 finder, Micro-Sync, Self-Ext & Tester, Flash Tester, trigger winder (early), trigger winder (late), trigger winder handle, MIOJ cap, spare lens cap, Canon body cap,  Series IV hood and 30mm adaptor.
I’ll soon write an article on Canon screw-mount rangefinders for @japancamerahunter (blog link) including history, their use, identification and collecting tips.
- Dan K @ZDP189 on twitter
Fishing is a spectator sport
Quiet Contemplation
Combi-lock To My Heart - Padlock on a banyan tree’s roots. Happy Valentine’s Day!